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Welcome to Shmily handmade accessory
I started my handmade craft life since of my own wedding , I design and upgrade my wedding dress with my bridesmaid, handmade my headpiece, veil and sash with hand stitch embroidery. the world of handmade accessory, silk flower, embroidery is amazing ,once I started my first accessory , I can’t stop to made my own design. I try to combine my handmade accessory with all I learn from silk flower, haute couture embroidery , wiring etc, thats why you will find every one of them is special and unique, at the same time, it takes lots of time to finish every design as it is made by different element, I have to experiment the texture of fabric , color and matching for the designs.
All the silk flower accessories are 100% handmade unique creations and made by the fabric and dye stuff imported by Japan.
Please feel free to contact us to have further discussion if you are interested to customize according to your preference.
Enjoy your shopping!

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