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Duration: 3 Hours

The Venue: The Aisle ,Kwai Hing

The Jewellery Making Course is an introduction to making hair comb with Swarovski Crystal ,japanese seed bead,freshwater pearl and handmade flowers. In this workshop, we will teach you fundamental and basic Jewellery Making techniques.

Tutors will guide students to develop techniques and tools used by Jewellery Makers.

Jewellery Making Course- Swarovski Hair Comb

  • This is a course suitable for all levels. We will cover choice of materials.

    - Introduction of tools and materials

    - Fundamental techniques of using the artistic wire, Swarovski crystal, Japanese seed beads, freshwater pearl and handmade flowers

    - Different ways to make the floral branch

    - You will create a Swarovski crystal hair comb during the sessions

    - All the materials and tools are provided

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